tdr0836_Disney work that displayed at Sapporo Snow Festival is incredible


Festivity of snow and ice, “Sapporo Snow Festival” gets held at several venues in Sapporo City, Hokkaido in every beginning of February.

It is a popular event that many tourists from all over the world gather to see snow sculptures and ice scriptures.

Sculptures that get display have various kinds like sculpture made in motif of real existence, manga, and anime work. There are sculptures related Disney and huge snow sculpture that has quality that cannot even imagine it is made with snow has been displayed.

So, I would like to introduce huge snow sculptures related to Disney that is displayed in the past.

2007 [Welcome! To the land of dream and magic]

In 2007, Lilo & Stitch’s Big Panic “Find Stitch!” was decided to held, which was an event that held a year before, so snow sculpture of Lilo and Mickey waving from car in front of Cinderella Castle was made.

2009 [Dreams]

To celebrate 25th year of Tokyo Disneyland snow sculpture of “big 5″ gathering in front of Cinderella Castle was made. Number of “25” that indicates “25th anniversary” is inscribed here and there and Tinker Bell is on the roof of Cinderella Castle.

2010 [Place where dream come true]

As the time says it is a snow sculpture having theme of “The place where dream come true Tokyo Disney Resort” that Mickey and Minnie waving while smiling having Cinderella Castle of Tokyo Disneyland and Prometheus Volcano and S.S Columbia of Tokyo DisneySea at back.

2012 [Magic, to you]

It is a snow sculpture of sorcerer of Mickey from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” for the celebration of 10th year of Tokyo DisneySea. Number of “10” that indicates 10th anniversary is inscribed on Mickey’s hat.

When seeing the list it is clear that snow sculptures are linking to events.

By the way in 2015, as the celebration of releasing new series of “Star Wars” that became the member of Disney, snow sculptures of Darth Vader with three Storm Troopers became popular.

Huge Darth Vader’s thrill is breathtaking when seeing it close and acquired applause from fans from oversea.

It is exciting to see what kind of snow sculptures are going to make.

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