tdr0820_”ONE PIECE” characters illustration that drew like Disney style is superb?


Every painting has own style.

Disney has Disney’s own style, so when even not knowing the character or film people can notice it is a “Disney painting” at one glance when the style is the same.

Especially Disney has very unique style, so it is easy to notice.

Anyway, by using that unique Disney style illustration of characters of popular Japanese comic “ONE PIECE” was uploaded on Internet and became so popular with Korean Internet users.

That illustration was on Korean Internet from long ago and certain users knew about it, but because it was introduced on online community again and acquired explosive popularity.

It has high quality and illustration having characters features well made Korean users such response below.

[Positive comments]
“Luffy became a beautiful young boy”
“Usopp looks hot”
“Whoever drew this is awesome! Features of characters are so well used”

[Negative comments]
“I don’t like it. Original illustration is much better”
“Luffy simply looks Aladdin wearing straw hat”
“The beautiful Nami and Robbin ….”
“Nami lost her boobs”

There are pros and cons.

“Disney” and “ONE PIECE” have many fans, so it is understandable there are different comments.

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