tdr0816_Mickey Mouse and Pooh appearing together is taboo?


“Winnie the Pooh” has much popularity that is almost same as Disney’s super star “Mickey Mouse”.

His rounded shape, adorable face, and calm voice is so melting when just seeing, but did you know that it is taboo him to be in public with Mickey Mouse?

They are so popular, so when supporting each other the popularity becomes higher with synergistic effect, but they never go on the same float during parade and they don’t even appear in the same goods.

But, why?

The reason is “Pooh’s rights is with Stephan Slesinger, not Disney”.

In 1930, Stephan Slesinger purchased right producing goods of “pooh, adaptation, merchandise rights related to advertisement under condition of pauing $1,000 and 66% of sales. After 30 years Stephan Slesinger continue selling the goods of Pooh.

And in 1961, Walt Disney Company made contract of license of visualization right of “Pooh” or trademark license agreement with “Shirley Slesinger” who holds the right and wife of Stephan and original author Milne’s wife “Daphne” Milne” after Stephan passed away, so animation production started.

Because of that reasons, usage fee is still paid at Stephan Slesinger Inc. and to be clear the calculation of usage fee he is not allow to appear together with other Disney characters, of course Mickey too.

It is nothing we can do that calculation becomes tricky when he appears with the others. But I hope someday he will appear next to some character.

*Adaptation — To recreate by copying roughly or fine points of other people did before. Especially used on novels or play.

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