tdr0814_Cinderella who visited a girl who was fighting with incurable illness


On November 30th 2009, a girl with server illness was born.

Her name is “Ady Grace Garner”.

She was born with incurable illness called “myelopathy muscular atrophy”, which destroys nerves that controls spontaneous muscle movements such as slithering on the stomach, walking, controlling head and neck, and even swallowing.

Even the medical is becoming advance now it is still incurable illness, but when Ady was almost becoming 3 years old she grown to a girl who loves making people laugh.

At that time she had wish of “becoming a princess with Bibbidi-Bobbidi-boo”. She loved Cinderella and she want to become a princess like her idol, Cinderella.

To make the wish come true she was planning to go to Disney World in Florida in March 2012, but the condition became worse right before heading to Florida. She was hospitalized in PICU.

Ady who were surrounded by respiratory or medial apparatus inside the PICU rather than making the dream of her coming true, which she was so looking forward to.

Even she was such a cheerful kid, she was probably in shock.

But surprise that blows out her negative feeling was waiting for her.

“Cinderella” who she loves came and visits her from the dreamland.

Cinderella came and visits PICU especially for a girl who couldn’t make the wish of becoming a princess. Cinderella spent several hours with Ady by talking, singing, and reading a book to her.

Even though she couldn’t be a princess, but Ady could meet the princess she loves. Ady who spent dreamy time and brought back her high-spirit is now still fighting with incurable illness, but brightly.

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