tdr0811_Minnie Mouse has twins nieces?


Minnie Mouse” is the most popular heroine of Disney and girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.

Her family is not well known, but actually she has adorable twins nieces.

It is “Millie” and “Melody”

They are half of the size of Minnie and both look the same as Minnie.

It is quite hard to see which one is which, because they are twins, but they have different costumes, so it is quite easy to see.

[Twins Older Sister: Millie]

-Small ribbon on one ear
-Wears blue costumes often
-Precocious character and her grown-up looking eyes are the feature

[Twins Younger Sister: Melody]

-Small ribbons on both ears
-Wears pink costumes often
-Energetic and has huge eyes

As you can see the points are so different and clear.

But sometimes they wears one huge ribbon or wearing costume that they don’t really wear, so it is hard to see which one is which, so be careful.

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