tdr0810_Which character was used on the year of sneak?


Disney has many animal characters.

So, zodiac signs character that represents that year is choose from many Disney characters.

Year of the rat is Mickey Mouse, year of the tiger is Tigger, and year of the dog is Pluto, so major characters get chosen, but on the other hand sometime not a major character gets chosen.

Character that was chosen for main character on the year of the sneak, which is the year Tokyo Disneyland celebrated 30th anniversary was not a major character.

Character that became the main character of year of the sneak in 2013 was villain of film “Jungle Book” “Kaa”.

It is a python that uses hypnosis to eat the main character “Mowgli”.

You probably never thought of villain to become a main character, right?

By the way the original voice actor of “Kaa” is “Sterling Holloway” who is known as an original voice actor of “Winnie the Pooh”.

So, villain that has same voice as Winnie is used as main character of year of the sneak.

Year of the sneak character will appear in 12 years, which is 2025. Let’s see which character will be chosen.

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