tdr0806_Game that characters of Disney and Pixar gathered beyond the films


Disney and Pixar that creates hit films continuously. Film itself is so fun to watch and I am sure many people are attracted to the unique characters.

There is a dream like game that Disney and Pixar’s characters that loved by many people gathered by going over the line of films.

It is called “Disney Infinity”.

It is a game soft developed by Disney Interactive Studio and has been provided in many platforms like Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360.

In Japan Wii U version (action game) and Nintendo 3DS version (board game) was started to sold by Bandai Namco on November 28th 2013 and the game also started to deliver with “Hikari TV Game”, which is NTT’s cloud game service from July 11th 2014.

With this game characters that appear in Disney or Pixar films are gathered.

When placing special figure “character figure” on top of “Disney Infinity Base”, which is dedicated equipment after connecting then in that game the character placing on the equipment can be used inside the game, which is so new generation game and made Disney fans excited.

Also, “Disney Infinity 2.0″, which is sequel to the previous game was released abroad in 2014 with PlayStation 3、PlayStation 4、PlayStation Vita、Xbox 360、Xbox One、Wii U、Windows、iOS, and Android.

In Japan it is started to deliver only with “Hikari TV Game” from July 30th 2015.

With “Disney Infinity 2.0″ many characters from Marvel Comic, which is subsidiary appear not just Disney or Pixar characters. Figures from previous game can be used, so it allows people to play through the series.

It is so dream like that characters that have no chance to meet gather.

Let’s hope game like this will be released again in near future.

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