tdr0800_Lovey-dovey picture that was shown in public before Mickey and Minnie’s birthday


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse is the best couple of Disney. Their birthday is on November 11th 1928, which is the release date of their debut film “Steamboat Willie”.

Therefore, November 18th became such an important day for Disney.

Anyway, day before the day Mickey and Minnie becomes 83 years old “certain pictures” were uploaded on account of Tokyo Disney Resort Twitter and it became a topic everyone talks about.

The picture that is uploaded on November 17th 2012 was a “picture of Mickey and Minnie together”.

It is a picture that shot Mickey and Minnie kissing with their nose having lights and Cinderella Castle at back and this picture was rated like “makes me cry”, “so sweet”, or “so beautiful” and retweeted by over 6,000 people on Twitter.

They are still so in love even after 83 years.

They don’t seem getting married, but their relationship will continue for forever.

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