tdr0790_Donald’s uncle Scrooge’s unexpected special abilities


Donald’s uncle “Scrooge McDuck” made a debut with “Scrooge McDuck and Money”

He is richest person in the world, but super thrifty person that always thinking about how he can earn money and a duck loves money more than anything.

He became 1st on “The Forbes Fictional” of Economic magazine “Forbes” and his estimated total assets are $65.4 billion (2013).

This tells us he is “super” rich.

Scrooge who loved money has some surprising special abilities.

That ability is “he can learn paper money number that he has by heart” and “he can discriminates the money from which work by looking”.

Both abilities are for money, which is so Scrooge, but it is so far from ordinary people.

That is how much he is into money and I guess it doesn’t mean he loves any money.

He actually doesn’t lightly spend the money, or has money that is earned illegally, or doesn’t gamble, therefore he is only interested in money that he earned by working legally or treasure that founded by working so hard.

His special abilities are not necessary in ordinary life, but may be he acquired those abilities to discriminate the money if it is decent or not.

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