tdr0780_Dictator Hitler’s unexpected side! Actually Hitler was a Disney fan?


“Adolf Hitler” is a politician who directed autocratically the German by leading state socialism German Workers’ Party (Nazi Party).

He used his unique ability of speech and propaganda skillfully and leaded German to war and he is known as a war criminal who persecuted Jewish.

It is hard to believe such Hitler was a Disney fan, but at war museum of north Norway in 2009 something that proves that he is “Disney fan” was found.

4 of water color paintings of Disney characters that Hitler drew was founded.

Characters that he drew were seven dwarfs’ Doc, Sleepy, Dopey from a film “Snow White” and Pinocchio from a film “Pinocchio”.

Actually during his adolescence he wanted to become a painter and he was a very good self-taught painter. So, all the pictures that he drew were so similar to the originals that as if he copied.

On the side of the paper it has his signature of “A.H”, so it is a solid proof hat “Adolf Hitler” drew.

Dictator Hitler’s unexpected side can be seen from this.

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