tdr0767_Full of desire? The list of Donald asked for Santa


“Donald’s Boat” is a ship attraction that is located in ToonTown of Tokyo Dinsyeland.

As the name of the attraction it is a ship that Donald owns and it is free action type attraction that is popular for small kids.

Anyway, when the Christmas season comes “Donald’s Boat” gets decorated, but something was decorated in 2012 Christmas and it became popular between Disney fans.

That thing was a “huge red sock” to get presents from Santa and presents request list.

It is understandable why the sock was huge, but the things that written on the list was so Donald-like.

The requests he actually asked is shown below.

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a…

・Fishing Pole
・Ice Skates
・Model Airplane
・Portable Radio
・Diver’s Watch
・Movie Camera
・Golf Clubs
・Sports Car

He actually requested 9 presents. It is so Donald and such a greedy request.

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