tdr0764_The origin of name of Winnie the Pooh is at zoo


“Winnie the Pooh” is a yellow bear stuffed animal that loves honey.

His official name is “Winnie the Pooh”, so it is quite long that surprisingly in English speaking country he is called “Winnie”.

Then we get curious about the meaning of his name.

What does “Winnie” means?

Actually this “Winnie” has solid origin.

The person who named “Winnie” is the author of “Winnie the Pooh”, A.A. Milne’s son who became a model of this story, “Christopher Robin”.

At that time he used to look over the Asian black bear at London zoo.

This Asian black bear was shipped from Canada, so it was called “Winnipeg (city name of Canada), so Christopher came up an idea of “Winnie” and named his bear doll “Winnie”.

“A.A. Milne” created “Winnie the Pooh” taking ideas from a stuffed animal “Winnie”.

So, we have solved mystery of “Winnie” now.

Then don’t we get curious about “Pooh” once we have solved the mystery of “Winnie”?

Actually the name of Pooh’s origin came from an animal that existed at London zoo.

That animal is actually white swan. Not a bear.

Winnie was named after a stuffed bear that took name from a bear, but isn’t it surprising that Pooh is coming from a white swan?

That is why in English speaking country “Winnie” is more familiar.

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