tdr0763_Collaboration art of “Disney and Star Wars” that fans create is incredible


When the releasing sequel of “Star Wars” was decided due to Disney purchasing LucasFilm on October 31st 2012 fans all over the world were amazed, excited, and filled with joyful expectation.

Of course on the Internet this news took over every attention.

Then collaboration art of “Disney×Star Wars” started to create between fans and every collaboration art’s quality is incredible and started to upload art that is created for official continuously on Internet.

Most of the work was collaboration art that is more towards Disney that “Storm Trooper in Buz Lightyear style”, “Princess Leia in Disney Princess style”, or “Darth Maul in Fantasia style”, so many arts that has Disney drawing, but Star Wars character inside has been uploaded.

It’s a labor of love.

This is phenomenon that can be seen how Disney and Star Wars are loved.

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