tdr0721_Donald flew in the sky? Donald’s hidden ability


“Donald Duck” is a troubled character that is wearing sailor hat and blue sailor blouse.

He is one of Disney’s main characters, but he actually has surprising ability that not many people know.

That ability is…”to fly”.

But when did he fly in the sky?

Donald showed him flying in the sky was in film of “Alpine Climbers (1936).

During the film Donald, Mickey, and Pluto was having fun with climbing up the mountain, but a bird attacked Mickey.

Donald stood up to help his friend in danger, but sadly he was attacked and fell.

Rather than helping he was in danger.

Then may be he found within himself the kind of incredible strength, he flew by rotating his tail speedy and had a narrow escape.

By the way, duck that is used in motif of Donald cannot fly.

Even duck could fly that would be only several inches is max.

But to fly just rotating his tail and without wings… such an incredible ability.

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