tdr0693_Which Goofy’s short film was used at driving school?


There are many Disney short films other than feature length films.

Did you know that one of Goofy series of short film was used at driving school in United States of America in the past?

The short film’s title is “Motor Mania”.

It is released on June 30th 1950 as 26th Goofy’s short film series. It is such a perfect title for driving school, but what kind of short film is it?

The main character is “Mr. Walker” who is played by Goofy.

He is a fine citizen who is pretty a normal person with knowledge and intelligence, kind and polite, and he was such a warm heart that he cannot even kill an ant. Such Mr. Walker, he thinks he is a “good driver who drives safely”, but he completely changes when he holds the handle.

His kind face changes to like villains and changes to “Mr. Wheeler.

When he become like this no one can stop him and he does whatever he wants like crash with other cars by driving roughly or drive the middle of road slowly on purposely.

When he parks the car parallel he doesn’t care the cars around, so the cars are all ruined. At last his car doesn’t move and get wrecker truck to move the car.

It is a story that cannot be imagined from the title of “Motor Mania”.

The story is so far from driving safely, but from the meaning of example that “it is dangerous when driving roughly” or “do not sudden change when holding handle”, so it is used at driving school for several years after this short film was released.

Please do not sudden change like Goofy when driving a car and keep in mind to drive safely.

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