tdr0687_Shocking! Early Pooh had awkward style?


When speaking of honey lover yellow bear is “Winnie the Pooh”, right?

I am sure there are many people who get healed by his chubby body, relaxing voice, and his personality of doing things at his own pace.

Now he is known as a popular character that competes with Mickey who representing Disney, but when he first appeared at Disneyland he had such an awkward style.

When he appeared for the first time his head and body was same size. Having same head size and body size… so unbalanced.

Also, there is more.

His beady black eyes are peculiar, but early pooh had yellow border.

And I don’t know why, but he had honey pot on his head.

Having same size of head and body, eyes with yellow border, honey pot….

May be it was cute at then may be his differentness now make the kids cry.

Early Mickey was also the same, but early design of characters that welcom the guests always make us surprise.

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