tdr0669_Inside the lamp is comfortable space? Genie’s house is luxurious!?


“Genie” of lamp that appears on film “Aladdin”.

He is such a dreamy existence that makes 3 dreams of a person who rubbed the magical lamp come true, but it is probably a hard life for him. He is alone until someone rubs the lamp… It is unbearable honestly.

Anyway, we tend to imagine “small, dark, and there is nothing” when hearing “inside the lamp”, but did you know that inside the lamp that Genie lives actually very comfortable?

May be it is consideration for him to not become painful to live inside for few years, several decades, or few hundred years, so inside the lamp is actually very widely made.

With wide corridor that is like rich mansion has there are door that leads to several rooms.

Bronze statue of Genie’s own face glowing at bathroom and bigger than king sized soft bed at bedroom. Wide kitchen, dining room that is unsuitable for only one person, and garden even it is inside the lamp. That is how luxurious his house is.

The fact of this comfortable space exists inside that tiny lamp never comes in mind.

Although he has such a comfortable space, it is pretty hard to live on his own.

That is why when Genie came out from the lamp during the film of “Aladdin” he seemed so happy.

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