tdr0650_Certain handmade is popular now? Various cute sweets


There are many cute characters at Disney.

Sweets that are in such character shapes are very popular, because of how cur it looks.

Disney sweets can be eaten other place than Disney park.

Sometimes cute cakes that are collaborating with cake shop appear as limited sweets.

Although, there are times that you cannot visit the shop within the time of period or there are no such shops around you.

Then handmade solves that problem.

There are many people making Disney sweets with small twists with cupcake, cookie, or macaroon and it is uploaded on recipe websites.

Among that there is beautiful sweets that even professional get surprised.

Cute Disney sweets are perfect for welcoming your guests.

There are many sweets that can be made by using ready-made snack (like cookie), so how about challenging to make Disney sweets?

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