tdr0643_”Duffy” was created by Japanese person’s strong preference


“Duffy” is like a Tokyo DisneySea represented character.

He has such an adorable face and soft and fluffy texture, so Duffy stuffed doll is very popular with females.

Now he is a character that is gathering popularity like Mickey Mouse, but did you know that this character was created by Japanese person?

“Duffy” used to be a teddy bear stuffed doll called “Disney Bear” sold at California Disneyland or Florida’s Walt Disney World and he wasn’t well known and he wasn’t very popular.

In February 2003, “manager of product development department Tatsumi Goto” from Oriental Land visited Disney World as a business trip.

He was attracted with “Disney Bear” and came up with an idea of developing new product based on that character.

After he coming back to Japan he proposed an idea of selling Tokyo DisneySea’s own character, which is just opened then the product development started.

The thing he had strong preference while developing product was “fabric”.

First, the fabric color was unified with “quiet brown” according to Japanese people who imagine “bear equals to brown” and regarded texture as important.

To find kind color and kind texture, about 100,000 fabric samples were prepared and choose the one carefully.

Cotton that gets stuffed in, adjusting the amount of cotton finely, and feeling when people cuddle was compromised solidly.

“Duffy” who is so soft and fluffy was born after compromised work.

He became a popular character, because staff developed product without giving up anything.

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