tdr0636_Wasn’t expecting that! Tigger has fear of certain thing?


When speaking of character that appears in “Winnie the Pooh” that is good at jumping is a tiger doll that has spring in his tale “Tigger”.

He is easily flattered that jumps around the Hundred Acre Wood energetically and he also has side of being a troublemaker, but he is such a warm hearted character that cannot be hated.

Anyway, Tigger has an image of a jumping character now, but did you know that he was weak point that is not very suitable for his signature move.

His weak point is actually “heights”.

He has “fear of heights” even he is good at jumping.

That fact revealed during the film called “The Tigger Movie” which released in 1974.

Tigger was traveling with jumps like he does every time, but he jumped too high that he ended up at the tip of tall tree.

He climbed up with force and once he realized he was at high place, which he doesn’t like.

Because he was scared, so ended up not able to move by holding on to the tree branch.

Hating high places even he is good at jumping… he is probably controlling how high he jumps.

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