tdr0633_What kind of relationship Chip n’ Dale has? Brothers or…?


“Chip ‘n Dale” is a chipmunk combination that loved acorn, peanut, and apple.

They look very similar, but do you recognize which one’s which?

They looked completely the same when they made a debut, but they acquired names during ” Chin an’ Dale”, which is their first film co-starred with Donald Duck. They started to draw differently like Chip has black nose, teeth are growing center, and has dark brown hair, but Dale has red nose, teeth are a part, and has light brown hair.

Anyway, Do you know what kind of relationship such Chip ‘n Dale who are close and always together have?

Just friends? Brothers? Or Twins?

There are many guesses, but actually they are “partners”.

According to Disney’s official encyclopedia “Disney A to Z”, it says “partners”.

It is correct to take that meaning of “partners” as best friends.

Sometime it said “brothers” in Japanese version, but this is because the translator translated “brother”, which Christian has habit of calling close friends as “brother” as it ism so actually Chip ‘n Dale is not siblings.

Therefore, to not let the misunderstanding spread with film of “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers” in Japanese version Chip says “he is annoying, but he is my best friend”.

Chip ‘n Dale is not a real brothers, but they are a great chipmunk combination just like brothers.

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