tdr0632_”Duffy” used to had no popularity when he made a debut?


“Duffy” is a very popular character of Tokyo DisneySea.

Many guests are attracted his adorable face and fluffy look and is a character represents Tokyo DisneySea, but when he made a debut he didn’t have popularity that he has now.

“Duffy” first appeared at Disneyland of Anaheim, California.

At that time he appeared as “Disney Bear” and he appeared first time at Tokyo DisneySea with character greeting in November 2004.

He appeared with red flower with white bonbon and red scarf at American Waterfront, but because he wasn’t well known, so there was a no queue.

For a while he wasn’t very popular.

The time he started to become popular was in the next year. His name was changed from “Disney Bear” to “Duffy” then his name value started to increase and started to gathere attentions.

And now “Duffy” became a popular character that creates huge queue at character greeting.

He had some hard time to become a success at beginning.

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