tdr0631_Certain character became matter of legal procedure with other anime character?


Male “Popeye” who becomes superman when eating spinach and trademark of sailor suit and pipe.

It is an American comic character that became popular in Japan.

And when speaking of Popeye’s enemy huge man with beard “Bluto” and actually this character became a cause of certain Disney character, so “Bluto” was sued in America.

The reason “Bluto” sued was “Pluto” who is beloved dog of Mickey.

Some people have already realized, but because “the name of Pluto and Bluto is similar so it brings misunderstanding”.

Their names are similar certainly, but to have similar names happen often.

By that Bluto changed name to “Brutus”.

Popularity of Disney increased, so it involved unexpected thing.

But this is such an episode of litigation-happy country.

By the way, the name of “Brutus” is only used in American Version and “Bluto” is still used in Japan.

It is pretty complicated.

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