tdr0607_The popularity of Duffy is incredible that it is even adopted on newspaper


“Duffy” is a soft and fluffy lovable character that became a character that represents Tokyo DisneySea.

The way it increased popularity is just like Mickey Mouse who represents Disney. Duffy’s related goods are sold like hot cakes, so there is no enemy for him.

Anyway, when speaking of event with such Duffy as a main character is “Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage”, which is now familiar with abbreviation of “Spring Journey”.

It is a spring special event that takes place at Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta and it is an event that cannot be missed for Duffy fans.

This such popular event was first held from April 3rd to June 30th 2012.

During that time Tokyo DisneySea special program was broadcasted with TV medias and it liven up the variety shows and even feature articles were on newspapers.

It was on “Yomiuri Shimbun”, which has 140 of history since the first issue.

“Duffy” himself was featured on an article that picks up popular person “ALL ABOUT” from “Pop Style” of culture category, which appear on every Wednesdays evening Yomiuri Shimbun.

It appeared on June 6th 2012, which Spring Journey event was in later half.

The article was created by reporters who caught popularity of Duffy and the article was published with basic information of Duffy, untold birth story of Duffy, trivia, and huge picture of Duffy.

To be appear on newspaper as “most popular person” even Disney has strong influence. Duffy’s popularity is formidable.

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