tdr0603_Goofy had different name when he made a debut


Disney characters are now known by many people, but actually many characters had no names when they made debut or had totally different name and “Goofy” who is one of the “big 5” characters that carries Disney had made debut with totally different name.

Goofy made his debut on May 25th 1932 with film called “Mickey’s Revue”.

He appeared as “Dippy Dawg (Dippy means foolish, insane, addicted / Dawg means great friend)” who is a dog character eating peanut at audience while laughing his head off.

It is rather simple naming and easy to tell.

2 years later with film called “Orphan’s Benefit”, which is released on August 11th 1934 he was named “Goofy Goof (Goofy means silly or stupid/ Goof means silly or mistake)”, which is his current name.

His current name is quite sad when knowing the meaning of it.

He had supporting role when he first debut, but he got his official name 2 years after and he made debut as a main character of short film called “Goofy and Wilbur” on March 17th 1939.

The number of him appearing on screen increased and became one of main Disney characters, so he is not just a clumsy dog.

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