tdr0598_Too simple!? The name origin of “Goofy”


Goofy is a dog character who has features of skinny body, tall, long ears, and dazed eyes.

He is a very popular character that does shows and parades everyday as one of “big 5”, who carries Disney, but actually he is very easy going character and clumsy severely.

Troubles he creates that involves others happen almost every day.

Anyway, did you know the name of such a troublesome character “Goofy” is named after his troublesome characteristic?

His real name is “Goofy Goof”.

“Goof” means “silly”, “clumsy”, or “mistake” and “Goofy” is “Good’s” adjective.

Therefore, his name “Goofy Goof” means “silly mistake”.

“Name and natures do often agree”, but this naming is quite sad.

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