tdr0592_It is too cute to eat! Cute and soft Duffy cake


“Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage” is an collaborated event with “Duffy” who is a soft, fluffy, and loveable character that DisneySea proud to presents and “Mickey Mouse” who carries Disney.

It is a spring special event that performs at Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta as Duffy’s first leading event.

It is started since 2012, so it hasn’t been so long, but it is called as “spring journey” and many guests love it.

Especially limited Duffy goods are very popular.

Various Duffy menus are provided and some guests even came for the souvenir that comes with.

That such popular event was held first from April 3rd, 2012 to June 30th and there was a menu that gathered Duffy fans attraction.

That menu is “Duffy’s custard cake”.

It is just like Duffy that Duffy’s face is drawn on soft dough and custard is filled up inside.

Because it is so cute and comes with limited souvenir, so there was a long queue occurred everyday at “American Waterfront Food Wagon”

By the way, because Duffy cake received great reputation, so chocolate cream & strawberry cream Duffy cake was decided to sell next year.

But when it looks this cute it makes you hesitate to eat, right?

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