tdr0578_What is it on Pluto’s collar that appears in Disney park?


“Pluto” is Mickey Mouse’s sympathizer and his beloved pet.

Pluto is active at Disney park too as a member of “Big 5”, which is characters represent Disney like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

Anyway, the “Big 5” is so popular at Disney park and is so busy. They appear on many scenes to make guests enjoy.

Of course Pluto is very busy. He is running around everywhere.

May be because of that Pluto who appears at Disney park have certain thing on his collar.

That certain thing is “nametag” that says “PLUTO”.

It is not a weird thing that he has nametag on the collar, but what we want to pay attention is the words below his name.

It says “If found, Please return to MICKEY MOUSE” below his name with small letters.

Mickey and Pluto running around busily at Disney park, the notes are written to prevent Pluto to get lost.

Mickey has responsibility as an owner.

By the way this nametag sometime gets different during events, so it would be fun to check his nametag too when you see Pluto.

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