tdr0570_The real name of “Sebastian” who is a chaperone of Ariel is long?


“The Little Mermaid” is an animated film of the original “Den lille Havfrue”, which was released on November 17th 1989 (July 20th 1991 in Japan).

This is a love story of 16 years old mermaid who thinks about the world outside of ocean “Ariel” and the King “Eric”.

Anyway, the main character Ariel is very attractive, but “Sebastian” who is a crab and chaperone is very important character.

He is suppose to be a court musician, but he obeys orders of “Triton” who is father of Ariel and the way he worries about Ariel even he complains is so cute, but his real name is so long actually.

Sebastian’s real name is… “Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceous Sebastian”.

His name is so long that cannot be remembered just hearing once. Don’t you get curious how his name ended up this long?

By the way in Japanese version “Crustaceous Sebastian” changed to “Kanichan (crab) Sebastian”.

This would be great to share in conversation as trivia.

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