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Tokyo Disneyland is famous for its dream-like atmosphere and a wide variety of cool attractions, but another important element is a fun interaction with the cute Disney characters.

In the large park filled with so many guests, there is only limited chance to interact with Disney characters. But if you use some tricks, you can greatly increase the chance.

This article gives you special tips to make the characters talk to you using some goods.

1. How to stand out effectively at the greeting

The first places that come to mind where we can interact with Disney characters are the greeting at the Main Entrance and the Meet Mickey in the Mickey’s House.

With so many guests and in a very short period of time, the most effective way to interact with them is to wear a T-shirt with a Disney character on it.

When selecting a T-shirt, note the following three points:

– The character pattern on it should be clear and visible from a distance.
– Select the partner of your favorite character (Minnie if you love Mickey, Daisy if you love Donald)
– To stand out, all the members of your group should wear the T-shirt with the same design (or with different characters).

By attending the greeting wearing a T-shirt as described above, you will definitely be able to attract the Disney characters’ eyes.

If you go to Mickey wearing a Minnie T-shirt, he may hug you or blow you a kiss more than he does to others. You can expect a special interaction with Mickey.

2: How to make an appeal in a popular attraction

There are various places other than at the greetings above where you have a chance to be spoken to by Disney characters. Among these places, the attraction “Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek!” has been very popular; in the final scene, Roz speaks to the guests.

Among the guests passing by, Roz randomly selects some and speaks something about them, which is said to be very funny.

However, Roz does not talk to all the guests, so you need to stand out than others to be picked.

The most effective way to stand out is to wear an ear headband. You can buy headbands of various Disney characters in the parks. If you wear the same headband with all the other members of your group, you will definitely stand out!

Why don’t you try it to see how Roz touches on you?

3: How to make an appeal to parade dancers

Parades in TDL are as popular as the attractions.

In the parades and shows, you should refrain from wearing a large ear headband or holding a large item so as not to trouble people around you.

To make an appeal to dancers in the parades without wearing or holding conspicuous goods, it is recommended to wear a Disney pass case around your neck, together with your friends or family.

Especially when you are in the front row, dancers will probably give you some response, e.g. by drawing harts in the air or clapping hands.

You will of course feel happy just by being at Tokyo Disneyland.

But on your next visit, why don’t you interact with Disney characters and cast members to feel even happier by using the tricks above?

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