tdr0563_Huge Duffy appeared in Shibuya Station?


“Duffy”, which is handmade teddy bear that Mickey Mouse gave Minnie Mouse as a present.

He is such a popular character of all Disney characters that is loved by kids to adult from his charm and it appeared as “teddy bear” in 2004 and he became active as “Duffy” from 2005.

Especially key holder size goods are very reasonable, so the popularity is high and many people put it on handy goods like bags.

Also, many guests bring Duffy to take pictures at “photo spot for Duffy” at Tokyo DisneySea.

Anyway, such popular Duffy, he appeared in Shibuya Station Tokyu Denen Toshi Line direction for limited time before.

He appeared from March 26th 2012 to April 1st of one week.

Duffy’s huge face and hands were posted as wall advertisement of station premises to publicizes “Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage”, which start from April 3rd 2012.

And it was not just an ordinary wall advertisement the fluffy material that used on real Duffy was used and it was posted on whole wall.

Fluffy wall advertisement it doesn’t exist any other.

It makes people want to touch that even hurrying.

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