tdr0559_Pluto appeared with different name?


“Pluto” is beloved dog of Mickey mouse and “Big 5” which is Disney’s main characters.

He cannot talk like goofy even he is a dog, but he is loved by many Disney fans as expressive and humorous character.

Anyway, speaking of Pluto’s debut film is “The Chain Gang” that is released on September 5th 1930.

He appeared as a police dog, but he didn’t have name back then.

The time he got his first name was a mount later of his debut during “The Picnic”, which released on October 23.

During this film Pluto appeared as “Rover”.

The time he got the name of “Pluto” was after half a year, which was on May 3rd 1931 when “The Moose Hunt” released.

During 1930’s when Pluto made debut the “new planet (Pluto) was found” gathered attention, so he is named after “Pluto (planet)”.

In 2006, Pluto was removed from planet, but it is better than “Rover” and his name became cuter, so there is nothing to say.

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