tdr0557_Donald Duck lost his memory? He has faced crisis of separation with Daisy?


“Donald Duck” who is noisy, but cannot be hated and “Daisy” who is attractive is such a famous couple next to Mickey and Minnie among Disney couples.

We have an image of them that they are close always like they argue all the time, but they make up quick, but they faced crisis of separation before.

That story can be seen in the short animation “Donald’s Dilemma”, which released in July 11th 1947.

During this animation Donald lost his memory and forget about Daisy.


One day, Daisy was enjoying having a date with Donald at park.

At that time potted plant with yellow flower fell from window of 99th floor of skyscraper. It hit Donald’s head.

His consciousness came back by Dais took care of him, but Donald changed sudden.

Donald who stood up and bowed after tidy up himself then he sudden started to sang with beautiful voice that hard to believe it is Donald singing.

Daisy gets lost in his voice and went close to him to shake hands after he finish singing, but Donald was taken to famous production after looking at Daisy with cold look.

Actually he lost his memory in exchange for beautiful voice from the shock of potted plant.

He released record and became a star that even appears on newspapers.

On the other hand, Daisy felt deep sorrow that she couldn’t even eat, that’s how much she was depressed.

She tries to go see Donald, but it fails and when she finally gets to see Donald he doesn’t even remember her and even he threw 10-cent coin.

After thinking she went to get advice from psychiatrist and with the question of “do you want to leave him as a super star or do you want to get Donald just for you?” from psychiatrist she answered immediately that “I want him” then she made potted plant fall on Donald’s head who is singing on stage just like what psychiatrist said.

By that Donald’s memory and voice came back to normal, so he got boos from audience, but successfully meet Daisy again.


To loose memory by getting shock on the head is understandable, but it is wired how his voice became beautiful.

If Daisy gave up on Donald…then Donald still had beautiful voice…may be.

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