tdr0547_The world biggest Donald Duck was drawn on his birthday


Donald Duck made debut with short film “The Wise Little Hen” on June 9th 1934.

For him, July 9th is his birthday.

It is usual to celebrate birthdays with full attendance of Disney Park.

So, on July 9th 1994, which he become 60th some large-scale event to celebrate his birthday was occurred at Tokyo Disneyland.

The event’s name was called “Happy Birthday Donald Du”Car””.

Some people have already realized by the event name that playing with words, but huge Donald Duck’s face was made with cars at Tokyo Disneyland’s parking.

The number of cars that have selected from public application to create Donald Duck’s face was 1169 as his birthday is 6 (June) 9th.

All these cars had to be guided on the ground and that time Donald Duck event participated to guide the car and created his own face.

By the way, 1992, November 18th, which is 2 years before that event of “Mickey Car of the Year” was occurred to celenrate Mickey Mouse’s 64th birthday.

The numbers of car that used for the event was 1118 cars along the number of Mickey Mouse’s birthday.

Because that event was done successfully, so “Happy Birthday Donald Du”Car” was decided to occur.

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