tdr0545_Shocking! Pluto has younger brother?


Mickey Mouse’s beloved dog “Pluto” who has adorable smile.

He is the only character that doesn’t speak in the “Big 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto)” who represents Disney characters, but he is a character with rich in emotion, humorous, and mischievousness that sometime he jokes around with Mickey.

Anyway, the fact that Pluto has 5 kids (puppies) between “Fifi” is well known, but actually he has younger brother.

Pluto’s younger brother’s name is “K.B”.

K.B looks similar to Pluto, but there are some differences like he is smaller than Pluto and has white hair.

“K.B” first appeared in short film “Pluto’s Kid Brother” which is released in April 1946.

The title says “kid”, but during the film he jokes around Pluto so much that Pluto gets irritated.

That kind of behavior is so like what younger brother does.

“K.B” is now become minor, so he is not well know, but let’s hope he would get a spot light someday.

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