tdr0536_The character that didn’t appeared on parade for 25 years even that character is a main character


Tokyo Disney Resort is performing various parades.

Performance that is performed by main characters, heroines, or villains that appears on Disney animation or film wave from huge colorful floats is worth seeing.

So, parades until now used many Disney characters. Honestly even limited characters even appeared parade sometime.

In that situation there is “main character of masterpiece” never appeared on parade for 25 years since the Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Do you know who that character is?

The sales of the sell-through video is world number one. The sales of the soundtrack is world number one in the animation history. The box office became 3rd in animation history and the masterpiece that released in 1994.. “Lion King”.

Yes, the main character “Simba” from “Lion King” didn’t appeared on parade for 25 years.

Isn’t it surprising?

The first parade that he appeared on was “Jubilation!”, which is a parade that performed for the 25th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort.

It performed from April 15th 2008 to April 5th 2013 at Tokyo Disneyland.

This parade’s theme was the world of Disney and one scene of Disney film. It is made with 9 floats and one of that floats was “Lion King”.

That is how “Simba” made debut with parade.

He started out late even he is a main character.

Let’s keep an eye on his success.

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