【tdr0512】What was drawn on the year of dragon?


There are many characters exist with Disney.

Disney has created many characters in the long history like main characters of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck, unique characters that are not main characters, but solidify the side, and villains that creates accent on the story.

Especially, animal characters richly exist.

So, when the New Year comes, certain animal characters get to appear.

That is “Zodiac” that often drawn on New Year’s card.

When it is year of rat, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse appear, who is typical of Disney, when it is year of tiger then Tigger, and when it is year of dog then Pluto. Characters, which is same animal of Zodiac perform the Zodiac that and become illustration or goods.

So, who was chosen for the year of dragon, which is only not animal among the Zodiac?

In 2012, the main character that performed the year of dragon was red dragon “Mushu” who appeared in the film of “Mulan”.

He is a small dragon who has full of mischievousness and traveled with main character Mulan. He is very expressive with his emotion and is like a life and soul existence in the film.

“Mulan” itself is not a major film, so the existence of “Mushu” is not well know, but he has chosen for Zodiac, so it had certain demand…may be.

By the way, on the Zodiac illustration there was little joke written.

Joke of Disney and Muhu’s illustration is very rare.

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