【tdr0504】The Florida Disney Resort fire station’s image character is dog?


The world biggest amusement resort “Walt Disney World Resort” that Guinness World Records admits.

It is located in marshland of Orlando, Florida, United States of America and it has 27,400 acre.

To compare this large property with others, it is “250 times Anaheim Disneyland”, “2 times of Setagaya, Tokyo”, “1,5 times the area of inner bound of Yamanonte Line”, and “2400 of Tokyo Dome”.

It is just so big.

There are 4 Disney parks such as Magic Kingdom, 2 Disney water park, 6 of full golf courses, race circuit, direct management hotels, official hotel, shopping mall, baseball ground, camp site, and many others are located with this wide land.

There are 4 fire stations are located at such “Walt Disney World Resort” for fire control.

And the image character of these fire stations is very familiar animal from Disney film, but do you know which character it is?

The answer is “Dalmatians” that appears in “101 Dalmatians”.

Actually, to make Dalmatians as fire station’s image character happens often that it happens other places than “Walt Disney World Resort”.

But, how come Dalmatians have selected?

During 17 to 19th century, which is the period of time that people mainly used carriage as transportation.

From the result of considering Dalmatians active personality, athletic body that allows them to run several miles, and excellent compatibility with horse they were trained as dogs that runs side by side with carriage.

Actually it is a tough kind of dog that it often says “the only dog that can run with horse”.

And when the carriage started to use at fire station, the Dalmatians that have excellent compatibility with horse was fed at fire station and started to involve.

Dalmatian guides the carriage to the fire and become watchdog and protects the carriage to prevent robbery when getting to the fire, and became the company of horse to not let them pile up the stress while waiting.

From the historical background it often used as fire station’s image character.

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