【tdr0500】Have asked men! The ranking of Disney animation character that they want to have as a pet


In 2011, some crazy survey of “the ranking of Disney animation character that they want to have as a pet” was done subjecting “300 men who are registered with Mynavi News” at Mynavi Corporation, which is very well know as employment support.

I have made the list of ranking of 1st to 5th and the comments also.

1st. Pooh 22.0%
-“He is a stuffed toy, so there is no need to clean the hair or about their pee.
-“He would listen to whatever if I give him honey”
-“His cuteness will make me calm everyday and gives me energy”
-“The winter seems warmer if the chubby Pooh is next to me”

2nd. Donald Duck 20.0%
-“It would be hectic if he is near, but everyday seems fun”
-“His unexpected behavior makes me happy”
-“It would be so much fun just looking at him. I won’t get bored”

3rd. Pluto 11.3%
-“He has such a naughty impression, so it would be fun to be around”
-“He is a dog, so it wouldn’t be that hard”
-“It would be easier to fed him inside the room”

4th. “Chip ‘n Dale 9.3%
-“They are squirrel, so it would be easier to fed size-wise”
-“They wouldn’t make me bored by just looking at them”

5th Nemo 7.7%
-“He is very cute and not much money involves other than his food”
-“To think realistically, only Nemo can be fed”
-“He is easy to take care and makes me calm”

Men consider “how easy to take care of the pet” well. I guess the cuteness comes after that.

By the way “Pooh” became first for the survey from women. Even other characters than “Nemo” have ranked in too.

The thing women and hen pay attention is different, but comprehensively the characters they want to make as a pet is the same.

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