【tdr0499】Have asked women! The ranking of Disney animation character that they want to have as a pet


In 2011, some crazy survey has occurred.

That survey was about “the ranking of Disney animation character that they want to have as a pet”.

This survey was done subjecting “700 women who are registered with Mynavi News” at Mynavi Corporation, which is very well know as employment support.

I have made the list of ranking of 1st to 5th and the comments also.

1st. Pooh 27/4%
-”His looks is cuter than any other characters. If his voice weren’t sounding like a old man then it would be even better”
-“He would make me happy when he sits proudly at home”
-“I want to use him as hug pillow when going to sleep”
-“He seems eating honey always. I want to eat honey with him”
-“He definitely makes me feel pleasant everyday”

2nd. Chip ‘n Dale 17.6%
-“I want to put both in my bad to go to park”
-“They are so small and cute that never get bored to look at them”
-“They would cheer me up when I have hard time”

3rd. Donald Duck 14.6%
-“I wouldn’t know what he is saying, but when seeing his cute butt makes me feel calm”
-“He would probably make a mess and is such a troublesome, but I would never get bored”

4th. Piglet from “Winnie the Pooh” 14.0%
-“The color of pink and he is so small that so cute”
-“He is small, so it would be easy to fed.

5th. Pluto 13.4%
-“He is very sincerely and smart, but sometimes he gets crazy, so it would be fun to fed him”
-“He would make me happy. I would love to go for a walk with him”

Each comment is agreeable, right?

Also, the result of survey gives impression that the fact considering realistic things like the point of “comfort” and “easy to fed” is only women considered.

By the way, “Pooh” became the first for men version of ranking.

Moreover, the characters except “Piglet” has ranked in even the places are different.

They are the “characters women and men would love to have as a pet”

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