【tdr0492】Disney character lunch box” that kids go crazy


Character lunch box already existed in late 1990’s. It is a lunch box that kids go crazy about that creates characters by using rice or dishes.

It became very popular gradually on Internet in 2000’s and it became so popular immediately by TV media picked up that on. I am sure moms who wakes up so early to put so much effort to create the lunch box is very difficult.

Lately many kindergarten and nursery school says no to character lunch box from the view of trouble, nutrients, food poisoning, and dietary education, but if kids get happy then mom would want to make it.

Anyway, Disney character lunch box has certain popularity among many other character lunch boxes. “Petit character lunch box that just has rice ball with seaweed wrapped around making Mickey Mouse shape.

“Mickey Mouse” can be created with just seaweed, so it is created the most.

Also, many people tend to make character lunch box of “Pooh” that created with seaweed and saffron rice or “Duffy” created with bonito rice.

These characters are all rounded, so it is very easy to make.

Ingredients that are easy to use with character lunch box are seaweed, fish sausage, ham, imitation crab, boiled fish paste, egg, or cheese.

And rice that becomes the base is important.

Lately there are goods for character lunch box, which are sprinkles, seaweed that is already have cut for parts of face and there are item that makes the time of cooking shorten, so how about challenging on making character lunch box?

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