tdr0485_A girl and her late mother bridged by Peter Pan


A great number of guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort every day. But not all the guests are enjoying the visit from the bottom of their heart. Some visit there with worries, doubt and suffering.

One day, a father brought his daughter, who had been too depressed to smile, to Tokyo Disney Resort.

Having lost her beloved mother in an accident, she was deeply hurt and saddened. To help her smile again by all means, the father planed the overnight trip to the Disney Resort.

He believed in the power of the dreamland to relieve the pain and sorrow in her heart.

Despite his expectation, however, she remained gloomy.

He tried his best to liven her up, walking around the park, riding many attractions together, and behaving cheerfully himself, but she did not show her smile.

She was too shocked at her mother’s death to be cheered up, even in the dreamland.

Also, the sight of other families with mothers reminded her of her own mother.

The first day ended without her smile back.

To make it worse, something more shocking occurred to her.

She lost her Peter Pan key chain that she treasured. It was a present from her mother.

They soon reported it to the lost and found and the staff searched for it after the park closed, but unfortunately, they could not find it. The girl will never again get a present from her beloved mom. Having lost the key chain, the last present from her mom, she was deeply distressed.

“I just wanted to cheer her up, but she is hurt even more now…” Seeing his daughter in a deep grief, the father regretted having brought her to Tokyo Disney Resort.

But when they were in a dark and gloomy mood – incongruous for the dreamland – at the hotel room, they noticed a letter placed in front of the door.

The letter was… from Peter Pan!

The father and daughter read the letter in surprise. It said:

“My archrival Captain Hook stole your key chain.

I got it back from him, but…

Your mom said she wanted to have it with her, so Tink delivered it to her just now.

She says, with this key chain, she can come to see you any time! I hope you understand. From Peter Pan.”

Upon reading the letter, the girl’s face brightened up and regained a smile.

“My mom has that key chain …” she was so delighted. The smile on her face for the first time for a long time brought a smile to her father’s face, too.

The letter from Peter Pan, telling the story about her treasured key chain, healed her wounded heart. What a heartwarming story.

This is definitely a miracle shown by the Disneyland giving dream and hope.

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