【tdr0459】The origin of name of donkey that appears in Winnie the Pooh


When speaking of character that appears in Winnie the Pooh that has stitches on the center of face and has dropping eyes is…. stuffed toy of donkey “eeyore”.

He is a character with warm heart, but gloomy and strong negative thinker.

Pink ribbon is wrapped on his tail and is so charming.

But Christopher Robin nails this tail, so it has trouble of falling off often.

It is obvious that it falls often when nailing with nail even it is a stuffed toy.

So, this “eeyore” who is a little unfortunate character, but do you know why his name became “eeyore”?

Actually the origin is the cry of donkey.

In America the cry of donkey express as “bray” or “hee-haw”, but in England it expresses as “eeyore”.

That is why he was named “eeyore” by using English version.

It would hear good when saying it is straightforward, but it is such a cheap naming.

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