【tdr0450】The very first story of unique game “Kingdom Hearts”


“Dragon Quest” and “Final Fantasy” is pronoun of RPG and it cannot be forgotten from history of Japanese games.

“Kingdom hearts” was created by collaborating SQUARE ENIX, which is developer of those games above and Disney. The first “Kingdom Hearts” was sold as action RPG for PlayStation2 in 2002.

The exceptional game that has characters mixed that other than original characters there are Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters and the independent worldview or story that creates by the strange feeling received great reputation on the operability as a game and the finish, so it achieved explosive sale.

It is still unique collaboration unlike any other, but this happened with “greeting”.

It happened later in 1990, which is before SQUARE and ENIX merger.

At that time SQUARE was developing “Final Fantasy8” at Arco Tower where they moved from previous work place.

One day…

The leading game creator of SQUARE and leader of Walt Disney Japan, which located at same building met on the elevator.

They exchanged greetings and that led to conversation. They may got excited by talking Disney Company invited SQUARE to “make game together” then “Kingdom Hearts” started to develop.

Just because their office is in the same building, bumped each other by accident, and had conversation…. When even one action wasn’t made from what they did then “Kingdom Hearts” may not be developed.

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