【tdr0449】Phenomenon that is named after Donald


“Donald Duck” who has duck-like thick voice.

We are familiar with his noisy voice, which can be said that it is his feature, but Mickey Mouse who is so close to him sometime can’t even tell what he is saying.

Donald Duck himself doesn’t like his own scratchy-voice and because he has that kind of voice his name was used on “some phenomenon”.

The phenomenon is “the way changes of voice when human speaking out inhaling gas mixture, which is helium and oxygen”.

When inhaling helium gas (which is gas mixture of oxygen) on the market as party goods it makes your voice tone higher than your normal voice and it makes voice scratchy.

It sounds like Donald Duck, so this phenomenon started to call “Donald Duck Speech Effect” or “Donald Duck Talk”.

It means anyone can speak out with Donald Duck-like voice when inhaling the helium gas.

By the way, because he dislikes his own voice during the film of “Donald’s Dream Voice” he purchases weird pills, “which makes the voice manly” then his voice became so beautiful for temporary.

May be for Donald, human who try making their voices like Donald using helium is mysterious existence.

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