【tdr0448】Which character collaborated with Apple?


Information appliance maker “Apple Inc.” (the rest is Apple) is familiar with logo mark of “bitten apple”.

It is a top class maker that spread information terminal like iPhone and iPad explosively.

“Some Disney character” collaborated with that Apple. The hint is the “apple”, which is Apple logo mark…May be you know it now.

Speaking of apple in Disney films is no other than “Snow White”, right?

“Snow White” was selected as sticker of Apple’s main product, which is personal computer “Macintosh (the rest is Mac)”.

The sticker design is Snow White holding the bitten apple that is on Mac with both hands.

It looks like as if she ate that apple.

Also, other than Snow White design there was design of witch who gave poisoned apple to Snow White prepared.

Both are very creatively made.

By the way, Steve Jobs who is the founder of Apple is also the founder of Pixar too.

Actually when he quit Apple he purchased Computer Animation Department (predecessor organization of Pixar), which was founded Lucasfilm Company with $1 million to make an independent company.

So, Disney and Apple had relation.

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