【tdr0441】Seven Dwarfs are the one supporting Disney


“Snow White” is World first feature length color animated film and is first feature length film for Disney.

This film was a trigger for Disney to becoming famous that 4 years of time and $1.7 million was spent and is a masterpiece that created with enormous amount of effort.

Without the “Seven Dwarfs” cannot talk about “Snow White”.

They are like mascot characters of this story, but they are so strong. It is not over exaggerated to say that because they exist Disney could be raised until where it is now.

It is because the Seven Dwarfs the one lifting the Disney Company.

In1990, “Team Disney Building” was built at Burbank, California of United States of America, which where Disney head office is. And Seven Dwarfs are lifting and supporting that building (it is designed to look like they are).

That design tells how the “Seven Dwarfs” are big of existence for Disney.

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