【tdr0428】What did Pluto said when he first spoke?


Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto is called “Big 5” by they are the Disney’s main characters.

I am sure you all have seen these characters, but there is one character that doesn’t speak among these 5.

Yes, that is Mickey’s pet dog Pluto.

Goofy who is a dog character is personified, so he can speak, but Pluto is not personified, so he is still an animal character and doesn’t speak.

He is treated as a pet dog of Mickey, because he is an animal, not a human.

Although, it doesn’t mean he cannot speak at all.

The first time Pluto spoke is in the film “The Moose Hunt”, which is released in 1931.

When Mickey going over where he hunting rifle pointed out then he saw pet dog Pluto lying.

From the situation Mickey thought “ the bullet that he shot contacted Pluto”, so he yelled “Speak to me!” while crying.

Then Pluto woke up and joked around him by saying “kiss me”.

That is what Pluto speaks for the first time.

It is quite sweet that “kiss me” is first time him speaking.

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