【tdr0425】The reason why prosthetic shop opened that Pete runs


Character with unpleasant look in eyes that in motif of wildcat “Black Pete (also called Pegleg Pete).

He made debut on short film series of “Alice Comedy” and is the oldest Disney Character that he appeared in the world 3 years earlier than Mickey Mouse.

He also appeared in “Steamboat Willie”, which is released after that and Mickey Mouse made debut in this film. Although, Pete has the longest history with Disney, but he is such a poor character that doesn’t appear at Disney park.

Even he doesn’t appear at Tokyo Disneyland, but he has shop with his name on at Tokyo Disneyland.


It is the shop beside “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin”, which located in Toontown. “Black Pete” face is drawn on the second floor that it is obvious that it is his shop, but why he opened prosthetic shop?

Actually his part of leg disappeared by contacting eraser during shooting certain film.

As first aid he wore prosthetic, so he opened prosthetic shop incase same thing happen to other people.

Character disappear by contacting eraser is such a humorous joke.

From the first place, Pete is created by modeling the Captain John Silver who appears in novel “Treasure Island” written by Robert Louis Stevenson. At the beginning he was drawn with prosthetic based on the setting.

The prosthetic disappeared after making drawing efficiency, but he is back with prosthetic in the film of “Mickey, Donald, Goofy The Three Musketeers”.

Pete’s struggle, which is to use both his own leg and prosthetic according to the circumstances is immeasurable.

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