【tdr0398】Daisy Duck had totally different name when she made a debut


Donald Duck’s girlfriend is “Daisy Duck” with huge ribbon.

She made a debut 1937, which is 3 years after Donald made debut on “Don Donald”.

Donald and Daisy appeared on screen together on this film and go on a rough date, which was stepping on each other or kicking each other, but “Daisy Duck” actually appeared on screen having totally different name at that time.

Her name was “Donna Duck”.

“Donna” means “woman” in Italian.

So the name Daisy had when she made a debut was such a simple name, “woman duck”.

Poor Daisy.

The time the name of “Daisy Duck” was given 3 years after, which is 1940 in the film of “Mr. Duck Steps Out”.

Finally she was given feminine name.

By the way, the voice she had when she made debut sounded female duck like Donald.

Now she is grown up woman Disney character, but back in the days she was rough.

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